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Possible cure for Cancer

Hello everyone,

Image by Fairytalefrosting

Cancer is one disease that is hard to escape from, it’s been around for years. Researchers around the world have looked for cures but yet in vain, there are still unanswered questions as to how to cure this disease. Although they have used alternate ways to help cancer patients the truth is, the cure for cancer has not been discovered yet. But guess what, it seems that a high school student may have gotten close to getting a possible cure for cancer.
Guys, you need to see this most interesting video.

Now tell me, isn’t this amazing. This girl is brilliant, who knows how far her research is going to go. To be honest, I think the other researchers, her parents and those that oversee her in school should encourage her to continue the search and the funders need to fund her more money so that she can use different strategies in testing this possible cure and actually get to the point of saving the world from the creature “cancer”.
Also, all the health professionals need to join forces and write letters to policy makers on behalf of this young teenage girl so that they can give her more money to find this cure.

This article shows that age is just a number. Anyone can be a researcher or the savior of the world; it’s just a matter of what your calling is.

Let’s hope for the best outcome for this research, it might just be the answer to the question. I encourage everyone to stay focus and fight against cancer.