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Bone Cancer

Hello everyone,

Today, I’m going to talk to you about bone cancer. Well as you know, I must continue to fight this invader “Cancer”.

Let’s hear what Dr. McGladdery has to say about this…

A cancer of the bone or soft tissue (e.g., muscles, cartilage, fat, connective tissue) is called a sarcoma. Primary bone cancers are sarcomas of the bone such as:
-Osteosarcoma develops in growing bone tissue
-Chondrosarcoma develops in cartilage
-Ewing’s sarcoma develops in immature nerve tissue in bone marrow

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We must be very careful and alert when we feel pain within. We don’t have time to take anything lightly. If you feel pain see a doctor, once again better safe than sorry. I know that when we think of bone pain we think of elderly but now a days let’s look out.
Now let’s see how the population has been affected by bone cancer. The American Cancer Society’s most recent estimation for cancer of the bones for 2012:
• About 2,890 new cases will be diagnosed
• About 1,410 deaths from these cancers are expected.
Primary cancers of bones account for less than 0.2% of all cancers.

Nobody knows in general what the causes of bone cancer are. Patients with chronic (long-term) inflammatory diseases, such as Paget’s disease are at a significantly higher risk of developing bone cancer later on in life. However, nobody can explain why one person gets bone cancer while another one doesn’t. It is not contagious – you cannot catch it from someone else.