Leukemia, Blood Cancer

Hello Everyone,

Today is the day to talk about leukemia. Why Leukemia? Well because it’s a type of cancer. My name is “killcancersavebirthdays” so I intend to kill this cancer anyway I can, and what a better way to do so, if not through powerful words of awareness. Leukemia is a disease that affects blood forming cells in the body. According to Lisa Fayed, a member of the Medical Review Board, it’s a cancerous condition characterized by an abundance of abnormal white blood cells in the body. It can affect both children and adults, and it can be defined as chronic or acute cancer.

Leukemia is not a disease that can be detected easily. Its symptoms vary depending on how much the cancer has grown. Generally, the chronic forms of Leukemia come silently with no symptoms until much later in the disease. On the other hand, it may include bone pain, faint pain, swollen in the belly or pain on the left side of the belly. In addition, it can also cause fevers, night sweats, bruising of the skin, and bleeding from the gums or rectum.

Now, I know that your question might be, “is there a way to avoid the disease?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. According to studies, Leukemia is a type of cancer that doesn’t have a real know cause. But it spite of that, studies have found several risk factors as a link to Leukemia. Those risk factors are: exposure to radiation, exposure to chemicals, drugs and smoking. Therefore, it would be to your benefits to minimize the exposure time to radiation and chemicals.

At this, allow me to invite you all to see a film called “Semper FI: Always Faithful” which talks about some of the factors mentioned above. The film is going to take place at the School of Public Health 2180 3rd. Ave. (Bet. 118th and 119th Street, on Thursday, April 26, 2012 @ 6:00p.m. Please RSVP: centerhealthmediapolicy@gmail.com


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