Cancer and Breastfeeding

Hello ladies,

Today I’m going to talk to you about cancer and breastfeeding. Did you know that breastfeeding has great benefits for both mother and child? Well, some studies conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill have proven that, women who breastfeed their infants reduces the rate of breast cancer.

Breastfeeding benefits:
1. Improves long-term health for mama and child
2. Lower risks of ovarian
3. Significantly lowers the risk of breast cancer.
4. Allows you to bond/ connect with your child from within

It has also be proven by the health education to villages that breastfeeding cuts down your risk of having cancer, so ladies please it’s time to utilize our breast milk as a weapon to kill cancer.

I know that some of you ladies, especially you moms might feel that breastfeeding is old fashion, and looks very traditional but I urge you to choose life over cancer. We are at a time where we need to kill cancer and save birthdays. In addition, let me inform you that your breast milk not only helps women but it helps men fight cancer as well (in that I mean adult males).


I think that the best think a mom can do is to take advantage of all of the benefits there is in order to stay healthy. Life is precious and we must remember that we are the nurture of life and without our presence men wouldn’t be able to survive so let’s keep our health first. Why do you think God made Eve? hint hint…


One thought on “Cancer and Breastfeeding

  1. I think God made Eve because a man needed a companion. But this is very informative and I am glad stars like Beyonce and Alicia Keys have joined the movement.

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