Cancer while Pregnant

Hello Ladies,

Today I’m going to talk to you about the safety of Chemotherapy during pregnancy. Imagine if that was you, both pregnant and a cancer victim. What would you do? Would you contemplate on having an abortion or would you have the courage to stand and fight?
Now, lets see what choice this lady made:

Wow, that’s a wonderful testimony, but we all know that not everyone would have made the same choice. Also, although most children demonstrate normal cognitive development, there are still a number of those with below-normal cognitive development.

According to the National Institute of Health, Cancer is the second leading cause of death of women during the reproductive years, and its occurrence in pregnancy is between 0.07 percent and 0.1 percent. This is a great indication that a high-risk obstetric unit should monitor women with cancer closely and define the optimal time of delivery.

Since breast cancer during pregnancy is relatively rare, only small studies have been done on treating breast cancer during pregnancy. But to assure the safety of both mother and fetus the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a group of 19 leading cancer institutions in the United States have developed some guidelines to follow.

Guideline#1: If you’ve been pregnant for 3 months or less and decide to continue with your pregnancy, it’s suggested that you begin therapy in the second trimester after chemotherapy. Not during the first trimester.

Guideline#2: If breast cancer is found during the second trimester, chemotherapy is suggested to start before surgery.

Guideline#3: Suggest that if you are diagnosed with breast cancer in your third trimester chemotherapy should be given after the baby is born.


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    Thanks for liking my blog on Cancer while pregnant. I think we all need to be well informed so that we can make the best choices for a better tomorrow.

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