The Killer Tobacco


Help create a world with less Cancer and More Birthdays.

Tobacco use is one of the leading preventable disease causing death and illness today.  It is no respecter of person, it affects young, old, men,  and women regardless of the race or sexual orientation. It affects the lungs in a way that can change your  life forever. Tobacco-related illnesses are: lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, heart attack, and vascular disease. For infants, premature birth, birth defects, and infant death.

The CDC , identified tobacco as a winnable battle because it has been proven that with additional efforts and support for evidenced- based, cost-effective strategies we can reduce the number of death that occur every year.

Today I’m specifically talking to you, mothers because you play a big role in the live of the infants that you bear. Your behavior of tobacco use not only affects your lungs but the lungs of the innocent fetus, newborn, and other children you bear. I want all mother to stop smoking, improve your quality of life, protect the innocent life of your infants, and decrease the heavy burden that tobacco use place on our health care industry.

Now, my questions to all you mothers and women in world is:

How would you feel If you were to give birth just to find out that you couldn’t take your baby home for weeks because of major complications in your innocent baby’s lungs?

How would you feel If you were to find out that your tobacco use behavior was the very cause of your baby’s complications?

How would you feel If your new born developed asthma because you refused to stop smoking?

To all potential mothers,

How would you feel If you were to lose both your breast to cancer because of your rebellious behavior of tobacco use that you couldn’t even breast feed your child?

Allow me to answer some of these questions. I’m a woman and a potential mother and believe me when I tell you, I would not want to go home without my child. I would not want to be the cause of my baby’s health problems, complications even death. I would be devastated, and will live with guilt for the rest of my life. So please, you need to  take care of your bodies before, during, and after pregnancy. Please do not fall into the trap of being a victim of the tobacco use consequences.

There are so many benefits to improving your quality of life:

1) Long life expectancy for both mother and child.

2)  Healthy lungs, healthy baby.

3) Increase of healthy new generations.


3 thoughts on “The Killer Tobacco

  1. The questions that you pose to all women and potential mothers alike evoke a powerfully emotional response. Just the thought of being responsible for a number of my [future] child’s health complications would prevent me from engaging in tobacco use.

  2. I do agree with desihealthandwellness.The effect of tobacco and how it can harm potential mothers and their babies creates lots of emotions.It feels like they can more easily relate.I believe that this message about stopping tobacco use can serve as an effective Health communication campaign.

    • To my women and potential mothers, thanks for understanding the true meaning of my message. I had to let you all know the seriousness of tobacco use and its consequences. I had to touch the emotional aspect of your being so that you can grasp the message to the fullest. Thus, we all know that illness and death never comes to us gently and ask permission to invade our lives, it simply comes and takes over. So why be gentle in preventing the invasion of cancer into our lives? We must take charge and beat the cancer down.

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