Health Awareness!

Welcome to Health Awareness,

My name is Aimee M. and this is my wordpress social media page where I’m going to talk to you about Cancer. I’m going to talk about ways to fight cancer, protect your body from getting cancer, how to boost your immune system from chemo therapy and other means of cancer alert. So as you can see by my name, I’m all for killing the creature “Cancer” and saving birthdays. For decades cancer has invaded our bodies, now it’s time to join forces and fight it.

I hope that all that will be said about cancer on the next pages will be informative for you and yours.

Thanks to all who will be reading my posts.

See ya!


2 thoughts on “Health Awareness!

    • To my women and potential mothers, thanks for understanding the true meaning of my message. I had to let you all know the seriousness of tobacco use and its consequences. I had to touch the emotional aspect of your being so that you can grasp the message to the fullest. Thus, we all know that illness and death never comes to us gently and ask permission to invade our lives, it simply comes and takes over. So why be gentle in preventing the invasion of cancer into our lives? We must take charge and beat the cancer down.

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